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NSW Procurement Industry Advisory Group

NSW Procurement Industry Advisory Group
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Speakers President; Gardiner The Hon Jennifer; Pearce The Hon Greg
Business Questions Without Notice, QWN

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The Hon. JENNIFER GARDINER: My question without notice is directed to the Minister for Finance and Services. Will the Minister advise the House on the establishment of the NSW Procurement Industry Advisory Group?

The Hon. GREG PEARCE: That is the sort of question we expect in this House during question time. It is a tough but important question. The New South Wales Government is calling for industry experts to be considered for a high-level advisory group to support implementation of the Government’s procurement reforms. The Government is engaging in a significant reform process to modernise and streamline its procurement processes to drive efficiency, value for money and industry engagement. Our goal is to make it easy, simple and more attractive to do business with the New South Wales Government.

The establishment of the industry advisory group is part of a new governance framework tasked to undertake the New South Wales Government’s reform agenda. The NSW Procurement Board and the Procurement Leadership Group have already been formed and are getting on with the job of implementing some key reforms. We have moved to abolish the 2.5 per cent management fee, we have brought common sense to indemnity and insurance requirements, we have developed new simplified contract terms and conditions, we have introduced new prequalification schemes and we have implemented a new online registration system.

The industry advisory group will comprise an independent chairperson and up to six members from the private and non-government sectors. It will also include the chairperson of the NSW Procurement Board’s Procurement Leadership Group. The role of the industry advisory group will be to advise the Procurement Board on matters including trends and opportunities in procurement of goods and services; options to respond to these trends and issues; and sector-wide procurement matters, including industry standards, future directions, procurement strategy and the impact of the Government’s procurement management decisions on industry and the non-government sector.

The industry advisory group will not only give the NSW Procurement Board insights into key issues affecting the development of the procurement sector in New South Wales but will also provide government the opportunity to look at procurement processes from the supplier’s perspective; in particular, how industry is affected by government procurement decisions and how these decisions can better serve the business community and the people of New South Wales.

Appointments to the advisory group will be based on applicants’ demonstrated knowledge and experience, and a broad and diverse range of perspectives will be required. Specifically, we are looking for candidates with a strong interest in and knowledge of current trends and future directions in goods and services procurement; a clear understanding of the key issues affecting the development of the procurement sector in large, complex organisations; a blend of research and business acumen; an expert understanding of procurement practices; and who are well positioned to advise government while avoiding conflict of interest.

The information package and application forms are available at the NSW Procurement website: Submissions can also be made on the website application form by writing to the Chairperson, NSW Procurement Board, or by email. Submissions close on 19 October. I look forward to working with industry as together we implement reforms that drive efficiencies across government, improve opportunities for business and lead to better outcomes for New South Wales taxpayers.

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The PRESIDENT: Order! The Minister will withdraw his last remark.

The Hon. GREG PEARCE: I was talking about Mandy the dog, but I am happy to withdraw it.

The PRESIDENT: Order! I call the Hon. Greg Donnelly to order for the first time.

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