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School Zone Gone

Over the holidays, the “Clayton’s” school zone on Narellan Road was removed. This will make many a frustrated driver in the Macarthur area extremely happy. Also, the newly placed 60 speed signs prior to the school zone have now returned to 80. (All but one section)

Now here’s the “what do they think with” thing. After 30 years of this speed zone being 80, then recently dropping to 60 overnight, there were no warning signs, catching many drivers completely unaware. Yet, the removal of the 40 zone comes complete with one of those expensive to run, huge electronic flashing signs saying simply “New Speed Limit”.

I must be missing something here. Wouldn’t it have been more prudent to have used this sign to inform drivers when the new LOWER speed limit was introduced? Instead, this huge flashing sign, no doubt meant to help traffic flow, implies a DROP in speed is required.

So now, the majority of the traffic drives at 60 in the first 80 zone, 80 in the next 60 zone and 40 in the new 80 zone. Perhaps the average speed driven through the entire section will equate to their plan? Or perhaps, they needed to raise revenue from speeding fines obtained from the recent lowered limit to pay for the sign needed to inform drivers of the new raised limit.

Stay tuned for the next monthly Narellan Rd speed zone update.

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