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Narellan Road – Speed Zone Lowered.

A few days ago the usual speed zone of 80 on the Eastern end of Narellan Rd has been lowered to 60. For those that have for years travelled this road, and if like me, have become complacent with the known speed signs, it was quite a surprise. I thought it worth mentioning to the many that may travel this road each day with their run.

Where the speed zone changed from 60 to 80 going west after the Gilchrist/Blaxland Rd (Macarthur Square) intersection, it now remains at 60 until about 50 metres before the school zone. (Soon to be removed)

There are no notices (as usual) of this “out of the blue” change, so unless a glance was made when passing these new signs, it could catch hundreds of people unaware, and you can “bet your bottom dollar” that any police, needing to fill their daily booking requirements will take advantage of driver’s ignorance and plant themselves right in the midst of this new zone.

So much for the new widening and the up and coming benefit of the school zone removal, the possibility of a smoother traffic flow will now be nonexistent. Currently in school times, you will need to drive at 60, then have 50 metres at 80, then drop to 40 for the school zone, back to 80, then drop again to 40 for the road works and then return to 60. Oh dear, we will spend so much time looking for speed signs that there will be little time left to actually “keep your eyes on the road………..”.

Interestingly, the zones have not changed when travelling east toward Campbelltown. Other than the road works and school zone interruption, the speed remains at 80 right through to the same intersection. Well, at least for now.

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