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Half Price Licence

Below is a Transport NSW Media Release that will be of advantage to (hopefully) many drivers in NSW.


Half our drivers get half price licence

NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay today reminded motorists they will pay half price for their licence from 1 July if they have a good driving record for five years.

“About 2.1 million motorists will be eligible for the cheaper licence out of 4.3 million unrestricted licence holders in NSW,” Mr Gay said.

“Safe motorists, who obey the law, stick to the speed limits and do the right thing, should be rewarded for their contribution to road safety
“The ‘Fair Go for Safe Drivers’ scheme aims to provide a financial incentive for people who do the right thing during a five year period.

“Each year, hundreds of people are killed on NSW roads due to risky behaviours. This is a way we can reward good drivers and encourage other drivers with an incentive where they can save up to $81.”

Mr Gay said the scheme would allow all motorists with an unrestricted licence, with a good record for the past five years, to get a discount on their licence renewal fee.
“The 50 per cent discount will apply whether the licence is renewed for one, three or five years,” he said.

“This is a practical scheme which will reward people with good driving records and encourage better driving behaviour in others.

“It recognises and responds to community concerns and calls for NSW motorists to be rewarded for safe driving.

“A similar scheme has been operating successfully in Victoria since 2006, which allows for a 25 per cent reduction in the licence fee.

“We are leading the way with the 50 per cent decrease which is great news for NSW motorists.”

NSW motorists whose licence expires on and from 1 July this year are eligible for the discounted licence fee.

Drivers must also have no relevant offences recorded on their licence during the five years leading up to the renewal date.

“We hope this scheme prompts more people to do the right thing and ultimately help lower the road toll,” Mr Gay said.

Provisional (P1 and P2) licence holders are not eligible for the discount, however time without relevant offences while holding a P1 or P2 licence will be counted towards the five-year eligibility period once they’ve progressed to an unrestricted licence.

From 1 July 2012 unrestricted driver licence renewal fees are $52 for one year, $122 for three years and $162 for five years.

Here is the link to the RAM (RTA) website.


Further Reading

The below link to the NRMA Website has an easy to understand selection of various driving rules and explanations. Also a list of Demerit point offenses . Some useful stuff here actually.


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