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Have you been paid correctly?

There have been many inquiries to the association and website about pays not not matching what was expected, particularly with the earlier ones. There are various reasons for this. Sometimes the kilometers have been claimed wrong, or the rate was paid for a lower category, some have not been paid for their temporary absences or TSO’s, and others were not paid the 30 klm minimum. Many operators have since had their pays reviewed and if warranted, were corrected.

To help those still struggling in deciphering their payments, a member has been kind enough to share with us a program he has developed with which to aid in this. This is a free service to Association Members. We will supply you with a print out with which you can compare with your Invoice.

This method will only show where the potential mistakes may have been made and in some cases, it may be necessary to also supply the Department Calculation sheet. At the moment, this is not automatically sent with your invoice and will need to be requested from them.

This program has been tested for accuracy using various entries from operators and we are extremely grateful to this member for his time spent with its development and his willingness to share it with others.

For details, either email the Association at or phone on 0498 044 660.

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