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Vehicle Category Update

Garry Browne, the director Shared Services has confirmed that some contractors are now to be paid for their “vehicle category” and not the number of students on their run. While this is good news on the Category Sliding Debacle, at the moment, it only applies to those who tendered in only one category. So, if you are one of those who have been paid on the lower category amounts because your vehicle was not at it’s capacity you will now be paid the correct amount. As far as I can tell you will also be reimbursed for the 1st Term. This will not happen automatically, you will each need to ring Wollongong and speak to Gerry who will fix this up for you.

Problem 1
Since many operators in the past months have been vehemently told that this new method of payment is “in the contract” and will continue to be paid the lower amount, they will not know that it has now been corrected. We will need to make sure we tell as many operators as possible because unless they ring themselves, they will continue to be underpaid.

Problem 2
Many operators tendered in more than a single category and unfortunately those people will NOT be paid in their correct category at this time. The issues surrounding this are more complex and are currently being looked at. Be assured, I have been informed the association are working hard on this and hopefully good news will also come soon to those operators.

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