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New Rates for ASTP Operators

Following problems with the Assisted School Travel Program (ASTP) at the beginning of the school year, the NSW Government undertook a review of the rates paid to transport operators.

The NSW Government has now approved new rates for transport operators. These new rates return certainty to the daily routines of operators, and most importantly for parents, carers, and students with special needs who use the ASTP.

The new rates were developed following consultation with operators, and focus groups held with random samples of operators in regional and metropolitan areas.

The new rates:

-establish a minimum daily payment for each category of vehicle with an increase for all categories
-provide increases across all classes of vehicle.
-increases range between 18%-36%
-provide further increases for runs in excess of 100km

In addition to the increases outlined in the new table of rates, the Government has approved a variation to the conditions applying to the 15% loading for runs where a travel support officer (TSO) is required so that all runs with a TSO will attract the 15% payment.

The Department of Education and Communities is now looking at the employment arrangements and pay rates for travel support officers (TSOs).

We are also working to improve customer service and address other issues under the ASTP for parents and carers, transport operators and travel support officers.

Responses to the offer of new rates should be submitted by close of business on Thursday, 12 April 2012 at the latest.

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