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A large number of Contractors have complained of the rounding down of the travelled kilometers (and rightly so). I have saved a screen capture of the Government Buses website and it clearly states in the section that I have circled that:

“You need to count every section that you travel in, whether you are travelling the whole section or only part of it.”

So if you travel on the bus for 2.2 sections in the morning, you have to pay for 3 sections. If you travel on the bus in the afternoon for 2.2 sections you have to pay for 3 sections. A total for the day of 6 sections. You cannot go past a section (between sections) and tell the driver you are only going to pay to the section before.

With our runs a section is one kilometer, therefore if you travel for example 35.2 kilometers in the morning, you would calculate that at 36 kilometers (36 Sections). If you travel in the afternoom 35.2 kilometers, you would calculate that at 36 kilometers (36 Sections) giving you a total for the day of 72 kilometers.

The ASTP have been rounding down to 35 kilometers (actualy, they have been adding the first run and the second run kilometers together and then round the total down, only if the number is 5 or above do they round it up).

If for example you travelled 35.3 in the morning and 35.3 in the afternoon, the total for the day would be 70.6 kilometers.

ASTP (NSW Government) would pay 71 kilometers, Sydney Busses (NSW Government) would charge you 72 kilometers. In this case it is only one kilometer, but that would equal 196 kilometers over the school year and if it was the above senario of 35.2 am and 35.2 pm (total rounded up 72 kilometers) ASTP would only pay 70 kilometers that is two kilometers or 392 kilometers over the school year.

This happening accros the board with all contractors, evan at just $2.00 (Sedan rate, NO ATSO) for one kilometer per day, per run, would be $784.00 and $1,254,400.00 minimum per year over all runs.

Over a Million Dollars skimmed off the contractors accounts.

Staff at ASTP has said “That if we rounded the kilometers up we wouldn’t be paying the correct kilometers”. Hmm makes you think, if you rounded down the kilometers, would you still NOT be paying the correct kilometers? So wouldn’t then if you travelled that 200 meters more, you would be in Breach of Contract or would we not be ostracized if we dropped the children 200 meters short of the school?


Screen Capture from Website

Section Page Marked

Sydney Busses

Link to Web Page: http://www.sydneybusses.info/calculating-sections





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