Yesterday my babies returned home for Christmas. All five arrived on the same day but at different times and I was delighted with each arrival.

I worry so much about them through the year when they are out in the world and away from the loving care I give them. Do they take in enough nourishment for their active lifestyle? Is their fluid intake sufficient? Do they have regular checkups? Do they have suitable shelter? Have they been kicked around and abused as they have been so often in the past?

All these things are of concern which is why I love Christmas when for a whole 6 whole weeks I have them home and all to myself.

I woke this morning and all was quiet, did I dream this? Did all my babies really come home? I opened the front blinds and peered out the window. Yes, there they are. All five sleeping peacefully in my driveway. Now which one will I drive first?





“The cars we drive say a lot about us.” – Alexandra Paul