What a different start was 2013 compared to last year? Runs were allocated and sent mid January as promised, giving Operators plenty of time to organize their Drivers, Vehicles and advise parents.

Of course there were still the last minute changes to deal with and start dates this year varied more than usual. Parents were unsure needing to make multiple changes with some of them wrongly advised which caused students to attend on days they shouldn’t, and others being absent when they should have gone. Some needed to be “transitioned” before their transport could start and even some schools had new units still under construction.  Adding to this is when finish times mismatch those stated on the Run Card. I wondered some days if I was “coming or going”. Ah? To pick up or not pick up, that is the question.

I think I have my head around it all now and as we start Week 4 Runs should go smoothly – well in theory they should. Fingers Crossed.





“Truth emerges more readily from error than from confusion.” – Francis Bacon