Men really DO have everything they need don’t they? Each year leading up to Fathers Day the family ask me what I think Hubby would like. Apart from a Cruise, a Sports Car or a Cute Young Blonde, I can think of nothing else he wants. There are just so many sox and undies a person can use so unless they get some creative juices flowing the default present is usually Scratchies in a card. This gift works well though, not only does Hubby enjoy the thrill of a possible win, the Scratchies themselves provide for a bonding moment with the grandkids as they ‘help’ him. Talk about bad parenting!

Naturally, the “bet on anything” son is not satisfied with just the Scratchie wins, he then instigates a “bet on the bet” so to speak. Betting on which person will win the highest amount. Seeing the 4 yr old’s eyes light up is a bit of a worry. He has no idea why this strange little bit of cardboard suddenly becomes $4 since he just learned that 2 shiny little round gold things is $4.

This year, at the request of a nephew, our families, with a Father Talley of 9, had a combined Fathers Day lunch, and just like with our Christmas gatherings, family rivalry was active. To start, a game of Bocce in the back reserve saw their competitive nature in full swing. Being at a numbers disadvantage, our team did surprisingly well. In fact the nephews were at an embarrassing loss until the final throw which saw our team utterly demolished.

Not satisfied with the initial defeat, they went on to challenge us again, this time with a game of Guesstures. Surely we would do better at this. Surely a non physical competition will see our family triumphant. There was much laughter as we each contorted with strange and unavoidable actions and positions, embarrassing ourselves for the sake of the team. What a great day. I hope yours was also.




Oh, the outcome? I’ll keep you “Guessing”.


“By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.” Charles Wadworth