That “age old” problem, lack of Common Courtesy has hit again. You sometimes see it in shopping centre’s or when phoning large corporations, and most certainly on the road. But as drivers, we also see this with some parents. Surely it can’t be too hard to give a quick call or text to advise when students won’t be attending school that day. I have heard all the excuses under the sun in my years of driving. “I couldn’t find your number”, “I was out of credit”, “the phone was not charged”, “I couldn’t find the phone”, “the dog chewed the phone”, “they cut my phone off”, “my husband smashed my phone”, or “He got sick just before you got here”, “he just soiled himself as we were walking to the door”, “I just remembered he has a doctor’s appointment”, “we all slept in”, then there’s this one, albeit trying to be helpful in her own way, “I knew it would make you too early to pick up the other kids if I had let you know that you didn’t need come here.” Wow. So I needlessly navigated my way through heavy peak hour traffic, spent my money on fuel to drive that unnecessary 40 klms just so it wouldn’t make me too early for the other students? How thoughtful?

Today though, was the other issue. The Wait for 3minutes only rule. If I have to get out of bed early on these cold winter mornings to be at the first pick up address on time, then provide free for the student, a warm, safe and comfortable vehicle in which to travel, surely the parents can also wake up at a reasonable hour to get their children ready. Instead with some, if you’re lucky, the horn will wake them, then comes a wave at the 3 minute mark to prevent you from leaving, then it’s open slather as to what time they do finally come out. One dedicated driver today did the horn bit a few times, made 2 phone calls to the house, then got the “wait wave” from the door, then the school bag placed in the car while still waiting for the child to appear. Her total wait time was 28 mins. This is just so rude and disrespectful to the driver. Have you ever noticed that it is also usually those same parents who are often “caught in traffic” and make you wait again in the afternoon. Gees! What is wrong with a bit of common courtesy?




“No one is too big to be courteous, but some are too small” – Croft M Pentz