It is so lovely to see students leaving school on this day carrying a red rose given to them by an admirer. It is also nice of the schools to partake in such a lovely gesture by organizing these Roses be delivered in class to the named recipients.

A student on my Run was happy to have received a Rose today but I don’t think she fully appreciates yet the significance of this special gift, nor how envious I was. I explained to her that she can always keep this rose as a reminder that one person has admired her enough to send it and how the intrigue associated with this rose is what makes it so special. The wonder she will have in trying to think just who this person could be and the pleasure it will give her in the future remembering this day.

The envy you ask? Well that’s because I have never received a Rose or even a Card from a secret admirer which has forever left me wondering if ever I had one. Not that I would shed a tear over this now but it is something a female always covets.

Hubby – always the romantic – gave me a bunch of Dusty Pink Roses – my favourite colour. Not a secret admirer, but were equally delicious to receive.




“The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.” – Author Unknown