I spend a great deal of time at my Mechanics workshop. Not by choice of course but there is no avoiding the many repairs and services warranted for the upkeep of my money producing assets so I need to frequent this place regularly.

My mechanic laughs at the way I describe my vehicle’s symptoms but he is easily able to interpret what my flailing hands and variously pitched grunts, groans and squeals mean when I explain each new problem. He then speaks to me for a bit in “mechanics language” before I interrupt and ask the 3 important questions. Is it fixable? Is it going to cost a lot? And – WILL IT BE READY BY 2?

Each year he throws a mini Xmas Party for all his customers who arrive late afternoon on closing day to find his workshop has been transformed to include a BBQ, Bar, tables, chairs and music. He provides a wonderful feast and it would insult him if we didn’t down at least one of his supplied alcoholic beverages. People from all walks of life have their cars repaired so the people to chat with is diverse.

This year entertainment was provided.  Well, entertainment for men anyway. No, it’s not what you think, there were no strippers. It was a “Team Bin Racing” Car Simulator, which came complete with a BBQ and a ‘coldies’ trailer. There were 2 audience screens at the front to watch how the current ‘driver’ was performing, plus sound and smoke effects for realism. While not my cup of tea it was actually pretty cool.

It is lovely of him to show gratitude to his customers in this way and while this annual treat may seem strange to some, a Xmas party at the Mechanic’s Workshop has become a much loved tradition. Thank you T.





“I couldn’t fix your breaks so I made your horn louder” – Author Unknown