What is the etiquette when a phone call drops out? Is there some protocol that should be followed to which I am ignorant?

I receive a phone call and talk for a while before realizing I have been cut off, and that the last 10 mins of my conversation was spoken only to an inanimate object. Apart from feeling like an idiot, and annoyed that the conversation momentum is lost, I am unsure of what I should do now. I hesitate in calling back the person who called me wondering if it is the originator of the first call who should do this, or should it be me, the recipient?

With no return call forthcoming I realize the other person must be waiting for me. So I call them, only to find their phone is now engaged. They also must have pondered the same question. So, both of us are now fully in sync causing a continuous occurrence of both phones being free or engaged at precisely the same time.

So please, if anyone knows the “rules”on this can you inform me? Or is this a topic way too petty for me to worry my little self about?





“We’re the phone company. We don’t care. We don’t have to.” – Lily Tomlin