There has been a bit of a dry spell with this blog of late but I’m sure you all know how it is, busy busy with life. Anyway, just thought I’d share today’s events. With any luck I’ll finish all the half written Blogs one day and get them posted.

So much for trying to be a smart A… today avoiding a traffic jam. A right turn at the lights looked seemingly impossible and my radar detected an accident. Sure enough, road was being blocked and sirens were blaring, so I quickly chose to get out of that lane and continue ahead to avoid the hold up. A phone call (hands free of course) to another driver already stuck in the jam verified the prudence of my decision. Of course, as many of you mothers out there will testify to, every time you hear of an accident your thoughts quickly turn to which members of your family could be in the vicinity at the time. A quick mental check and only one’ location was unknown, so a hasty call to verify their safety while I continued on my new route.

This new route would add some Kms and a bit of time to my journey but I thought it better than looking at the back of the same car for half an hour. My smugness lasted about 5 mins. Ahead, even a worse nightmare greeted me. Another accident and even more of a hold up. “What luck”, not one but two accidents to deal with in the same afternoon and decision time was with me again. Do I persevere and crawl in the direction I am going? Do I turn around (somehow) and go back to meet up with the first, less severe traffic jam? Or do I turn down the first available side street and hope a hundred other cars don’t have the same thoughts.

I had places to be and things to do and sitting in my car (albeit new and comfortable) was not part of my plan. I chose remote option number 4. A Pub.Yes, a Pub had loomed up on my left, brain quickly determined Pubs have coffee, Pubs have beer gardens, I have my iPad, so “all’s good”, I can be productive yet relaxed while biding time waiting for traffic to ease.

I drove into the unsealed and bumpy car park and found a spot alongside some work vans and ‘glued together’ cars, and it was about here that I regretted being in my new, well deserved, long awaited and expensive car. It was out of place. Maybe so was I.

I wasn’t worried about entering a Pub on my own. It was only late afternoon after all, and pubs are nice these days aren’t they? And I suppose this one had a certain charm with its old rustic decor and dimly lit interior. I must say, the strange up and down flooring combined with sticky worn out carpet was a bit “how ya going”. I managed to only trip twice whilst making my way to the bar. The look on the face of the barman though – I’m sure he thought I was drunk.

I grabbed a coffee – free to boot – and went to find my quiet spot in the Beer Garden. Not aptly named in this case but it did have tables. Spoke a few pleasantries to the locals and to my surprise, an old friend, who I hadn’t seen for 20 years called out my name. Wow! And after 20 years she still recognized me? What a great compliment. NOT. It was my voice that she recognized. (Now if any of my friends are reading this, please get up from where I know you have been ROFL. It was the voice, not the volume of words that she recognized.)

We had a good time catching up with some lost years before I thought I’d venture home. I thought surely the traffic must have eased by now from those accidents. It had. But due to my longer than anticipated stay, it was now peak hour. Drat.

Funny how two unplanned and annoying detours had me ending up in a place I had never been to before, yet if both of those accidents had not have happened at that particular time I would never have met up with a long lost friend. Even bad situations come with their antithesis.

Oops! Got so involved with writing I forgot the time and have just smelled dinner burning. Poor Hubby. (Again)




“If you’re in a bad situation, don’t worry it’ll change. If you’re in a good situation, don’t worry it’ll change.” – John A Simone Sr.