Here we are, about to start our 4th week already. How are you all going? According to Andrew Picolli and the Premier, most of the children were allocated transport within the first couple of days. My my, sounds like little fibbies to me. Either way, they heard what they wanted to hear and relayed that information to the public to ‘save face’. After all, it would be easy to believe there were only 60 students left to find runs for, how would they really know? Still, in the last few weeks, many operators, for what ever reason were at first refused all their runs, now have them back again. Makes sense to do this and get the kids to school and make the Premier happy, but it will create more problems “when the dust settles”. Those problems are now just starting to surface with many many angry operators missing out on runs all together while some have multiples again. Hmmm?

Can’t see a way out of this one. I believe that it would be against the “transparency” rules in the tender to allow this now that we are all on the same rate, yet how can they remove runs from operators after they have been allocated? Hmmm?

The Ken Boston report came out on the expected date, Friday the 10th February. Have you all read it? You will find it on this site if you would like to read it in its entirety. If not, to summarize, a couple of top notch people got a slap on the wrist and a recommendation was made to review the rates to change in Term 2. Oh goody. A bit more money thrown our way in the hopes it will keep us happy and so continue ensuring this valuable program continues running smoothly. If they seriously want things to go smoothly, and if they seriously don’t want to find themselves still on the wrong side of the law, then we would all need a minimum of $200 plus per day. Is there no one in that office that can add figures? FIGURES DO NOT LIE. I mean, aren’t we talking about the treasury department here? Isn’t it them who decides our pay rates? Excuse me if I sound ignorant, but gee, I thought treasury is to do with money and numbers, therefore I naturally assumed they would employ people who could easily add. Just as I thought with the departments legal team, that their lawyers would  know the law.

We will just have to wait and see I suppose. They had better make it worthwhile though. There are “rumblings amongst the natives” and law suits appear to be starting all over the state.

Well again I’m on with the sarcasm, hopefully soon I can add some jest to my blog. I’m generally happy, unless wronged, then I’m like a “dog with a bone”.




“History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives.” –  Abba Eban