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Emails Strike Days/RAMS

From: Rhonda
Sent: Thursday, 25 October 2012 10:57 AM
Subject: Email 1 RTA Record

……………………………………Anyway, I have attempted to write some things in point form and will send probably in a succession of emails. Still going with them as I have been a bit flat chat of late.

I have come across one today that we spoke of on Monday. I sent a few Driver Packages to AST for re approval under other operator namein preparation for my much anticipated holiday in November) and now I find because these drivers were approved in April, their RTA driver printout has expired and they (or me) now need to yet again pay another $22 to get a recent one. If there is a chance that this is not required, is it something that can soon be changed or will I have to wait until it appears in the new business rules? I did not mention this to the girl who rang as she was only following directions so I agreed to re purchase these RTA records so the approvals can progress.

Also on this matter, if you apply online for this record or when printed at an RTA office, what you get is considered by them as the original, so if it is forwarded directly to the AST via email or post it is still original. So why would it be necessary to have a copy certified by a JP who will only certify it as a true copy if it is copied in front of them, but since the original is NOT a copy then they in fact can’t certify it? The RTA also refuse to certify it for the same reasons.

In the mean time, are we allowed to rely on the section in the legislation that allows the immediate start of an unchecked person (in this case, providing they are already approved under another operator) while their re approval is being done? This would save a lot of stress involved when drivers are sick, especially if their need is for only a day or so. This was first mentioned at the meeting in the city whereby it was acknowledged as a possibility providing they were already cleared, but nothing was determined on the subject.

Also on this subject, just a curiosity question. With the ID (in my case some now outdated) do all the relevant agencies still insist on proving a person’s identity over and over again? To me, once the actual identity has been proven and the driver is cleared for the first time, why is it necessary to re prove the identity? I.e. The person providing a newer version of ID like Rates or Electricity Bill does not change the identity of that person from the original proven ID already in their system. Just wondering, no big drama to get new copies.

Further to our talk about the Strike Day Half Day Rates and the manner in which it was done, by adding notional AM Km’s to the PM Km’s then halving the total reduces the payment to less than what was actually driven in the PM and with Runs less than 60 Km’s it reduces them to below the daily minimum of 30.


EG. Run **** for May (23 Days) People Mover. Total Paid $4448.48

Total Daily Km’s of 45 was paid for 22 days ($4349.62)

One day was paid at half the total daily rate ($98.86)

Short Term Absence Clause – $98.96 Less

Minimum 30 Km Clause – $62.45 Less

Actual Loaded PM km’s driven (23km’s) – $62.45 Less

Note: Often PM Km’s can be significantly more than AM. This method increases the loss to operators who are in fact driving unpaid loaded Km’s in the PM.

I have attached a copy of a Calculation Sheet that was supplied just prior to them being disallowed. At the bottom it mentions they were unable to confirm absences with schools but still deduct “as per LO”. (whatever that is) The AM for this run was actually driven. The refusal of these calculations sheets being sent has been a real headache in ascertaining what is actually paid. In this case, how could an operator even conceive that this calculation was done? Combine this with the introduction of the new Google payable routes around the same time, plus their (still current) weird data entry where often figures simply do not break down to an exact amount matching the rates schedule, makes it very frustrating. Operators pull their hair out then give up and just accept whatever the AST choose to pay them for the month. Pays are rarely accurate.

Note: The Full day strike in June Paid NIL


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