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Member Update 20th October 2012


Dear Members,

An Association meeting is to be held this Saturday the 27th October at the Wyong Leagues Club at 1pm. The location was chosen due to the proximity of many new members in the Hornsby, Central Coast and Newcastle areas.

This meeting is replacing the proposed Sydney area meeting which was to be attended by Philip Hirst the Relieving Assistant Director. Phil, who’s Tenure with AST will soon expire, is to be replaced with a permanent Assistant Director. The Association would like to thank Phil for his understanding of our concerns and of his genuine efforts to acquire results. We wish him well in his retirement.

I am of the understanding that David Malcolm is still currently working on our issues and clarifying the contract clauses. This is good news because David has a real grasp on the issues plaguing us. I have also been told by many that David has been very helpful in rectifying many individual operator problems.

It has been a while since our last meeting so there will be much to discuss, especially given that our previously submitted issues have as yet achieved no definitive outcomes. With the assignment of a new Assistant Director, patience again will be required. Having a permanent person in this position will ultimately benefit both operators and the ASTU but the timing does currently pose a dilemma. After trying all year to attain even just some fairly basic resolutions, we will now need to start again with yet a third person. The new Assistant Director will understandably need time to adjust to their new position learning of the operational procedures at the Unit so with only 8 weeks left in the school year I can’t envisage them having time to address our issues in 2012 so we will need to discuss our options.

We will need to emphasize though the importance of our original request for detailed invoices. Apart from all the existing problems, with this year’s newly devised and continually changing contract clauses it now make these invoices vital and they should not be delayed any longer. We were promised these from June and operators feel they have been sufficiently patient while waiting for the STMS to cope. With so much time having elapsed since they were first requested the volume of invoices needing to be backdated is immense, but since payments rarely correspond with submitted claims they are now imperative. If the system is incapable of producing them automatically they may need to be done manually.

I look forward to catching up with those who can attend Saturday’s meeting and also to meet our new members. If operators would like an application form please email or phone. New memberships can also be made at the club from Midday on Saturday.
Kind Regards to All.


Mobile 0498 044 660

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