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Hi Simon,

I just thought I would give you some examples of a glitch with Google in case you are unaware of this one. If unknown to those mapping the runs, it may explain some of the calls to the Department about inaccurate distances. It is how Google shows proposed roads as being an existing route. Please ignore if you are already aware.

I have supplied a map from an actual run, and another as an example as to what would be an extreme difference from the map to the actual route necessary if applied to a run.

Example 1

While not driven this way by the driver, the below map supplied by the Department was accepted as being the shortest route with payments made accordingly. The problem is that the road is not complete. It is currently still a dirt road blocked off by gates. You cannot easily see this anomaly by using the satellite view as you first need to remove the blue direction line exposing only the white lines representing roads. You then need to zoom in, and for a split second, the white lines will disappear showing no road.

The current Google satellite view (at least with mine) is a few years old and shows this road as a grass field. I managed to find a more recent map from “Nearmap” where it shows the current condition. I have supplied the May time frame because of the time that this run was mapped.



















GOOGLE MAP (showing same)




NEARMAP (Showing current status)

















GOOGLE (Showing the nearest available route)




















Example 2

I’m not sure if there are any runs currently needing to go this way, (Claymore to Gregory Hills) but if so, the 2 closest available routes would add a considerable distance to a run (9 or 11 Kms one way). It really shows the need for your street name route maps that you are working.

GOOGLE MAP (Showing as an available route)






NEAR MAP (Showing no road)




Thanks Simon, sorry if I have added to your woes with the system.




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