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Member Update 22nd September 2012

22nd September 2012

Dear Members,

It has been five weeks since my last update so by now many of you are probably wondering what, if anything has been accomplished. Well the answer is a bit yes and a bit no, but ‘work’ has not ceased.

There was a slight delay in receiving the first draft of the revised “Contract Guide” being done by David Malcolm in concurrence with Acting Assistant Director Phillip Hirst and AST management who are clarifying clauses in the contract that are susceptible to misinterpretation.

This draft was received last Monday with its purpose being “to create a starting point for discussion.” A meeting was held on Thursday with Phillip and David at the DEC Illawarra Regional Office at Wollongong for the first of these discussions.

I feel a sincere effort is being made in addressing our concerns with both Phillip and David eager to sort them out. As is usual with government departments, this can often take excessive time so patience is still required.

There have been 15 separate issues submitted for review, and while only the two previously mentioned have been finalized, the others are also progressing. If you would like any more information on these please feel free to call me.

The automatic sending of pay calculations and routes are still a way off yet, so if you are having problems deciphering your pay I believe an independent request for these would be met by friendly help from staff.

If you seem to have an extreme difference in your driven kilometres from those paid I would suggest that you Google the route to be sure that a recently noticed anomaly is not the reason. Google seems to show proposed roads as an available route even though road works have not even started. In some cases this will deduct a substantial amount from the true practicable route.

I would like to make new Association Members aware of the website affiliated with the Contractors Association who have allowed us to utilize their existing domain for our email address. You can view this site at It is free to become a member of this website if you wish to join the forum. For existing members who are still experiencing problems in accessing the forum please send an email to moderator “maddog” at

Due to the high work load for Phillip and now with the holidays upon us, the next Association meeting has been postponed until October. I will send the date and venue once decided upon. Hopefully by then there may be some positive news to share with you all. I hope you all enjoy your break.

I’ll leave you to it.



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