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Due Diligence –

St George Tender Briefing 2010 – Did these questions plant the seed? Is it legal to LIE at a Tender Brief?

DUE DILIGENCE (Short Version)

Wheelchair Vehicles.

Lady – So what happens if you don’t give us kids that use the wheelchairs – what rate?

Answer – The rate that you tendered for.

The department cannot come back to you and say, “we’re only going to use your seats, so, tell us what you’re gonna have for that category and we’ll pay you that”.

That’s not part of this tender.


Lowering Categories.

Lady …………..(Will I be) then forced to use my lower rate or am I best off not putting in a sedan rate on the same tender.

Answer – The department will allocate runs on the vehicle capacity so it is not related to the number of students…..

Lady…………(Will I) be forced to use my sedan rate because my run size has changed?

Answer………..we still pay you on that rate; we are not going to convert to a sedan rate or lower rate.

Lady – I know you do now but I was a little bit concerned……….

Answer – No, no the same rules will apply.




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