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Update Campbelltown DEC Meeting

18th August 2012

Hello Members,

This update brings with it more good news so I must say our effort in contacting the Ministers office has really paid off (excuse the pun). It was of immense pleasure to realize that operators, and their issues, are really being taken seriously and attempts are being made to rectify them with TWO having been adjusted already.

The meeting on Thursday, held in a meeting room of Campbelltown Catholic Club, was attended by 3 Department representatives. Phillip Hirst, the new Relieving Director of the ASTU, David Malcolm who we all know, and Simon Payet an IT guy engaged to improve the STMS.

The meeting was primarily to discuss the major issue of the Category Sliding but inevitably (and deservedly) other topics were also discussed. Simon was asking for suggestions that would see improvements with the system with information to supply to operators. Of course the major one would be the Calculation sheet or its equivalent. While to us, it would seem rather an easy one, in fact it is quite a problem at the moment since it can’t be done automatically, hence the reason those of us that have managed some so far have been received as a screenshot (photo). This is fine by me but being a manual operation, it is extremely time consuming if it had to be done 2400 times each month. Simon is working on another method to perform this. We also mentioned the maps and again Simon took some notes on this. We agreed that the map itself is not necessary, simply the route with street names would be fine. It was also discussed that since the Department already have the runs mapped then the pickup order of students could come through on the run card. Simon also had some other ideas for the future which were of great interest.

Phillip, who is currently working on all aspects in the unit, has engaged David Malcolm temporarily from the Procurement Department to help in clarifying and re defining contract clauses. David has already worked hard on this and is planning on having a rough draft ready to discuss with us by August 31st. This was really good news to hear.

As for the “stringent mapping”, this is rather complex and in need of further discussion and research so expect the point to point method to continue for some time yet.


We prepared some pages containing as much as we could on what has become a complex interpretive problem, so there is no decision on this at the moment. I have attached for you some of what we took. It was written as a prompt for questions but unfortunately the Unit Manager was unable to attend this meeting so they were left with Phillip and David to look into. We supplied a copy of our understanding of relevant contract clauses plus some figures that show the losses operators experience when their category suddenly drops. We also provided some dialogue from the St George Tender Brief amongst others.

Our meeting lasted two and a half hours (plus a long trip for them) which to me, really shows their willingness to help our members and in turn all operators.

By now you must be wondering which of the 14 issues have been fixed so I won’t keep you waiting. The first one is the removal of the Licence display and the second is the 3 year Engineer certificate requirement. Both have been modified in the contract and will be sent to all operators in the near future.

Cherio from a somewhat “happy little vegemite”


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