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Progress News

15th August 2012

To Operators with the Assisted School Travel Program,

We are writing to advise you of the progress of the Contractors Association in resolving ongoing issues experienced by Operators with the program. We invite you to support this organization by becoming a member.

A meeting was held at the DEC office in the city last month where issues were raised and discussed with Department Officials. Many of them are now being reviewed and addressed with consultation from members. Some items discussed was the need for more information to be provided with monthly payments, the supply of Department maps to operators, the stringent new Mapping System, TSO’s and Job Security, to name a few.

The most contentious issue for members, being rates based on student numbers rather than vehicle category, is also soon to be debated.

The new unit Director of the ASTU and the Director of Student Welfare have both offered to attend one of the Association meetings to get a more complete understanding of problems that operators may be experiencing to help find solutions and “better support” our members. This meeting will be held in September if you would like to attend and have a say in matters affecting you as an operator.

Once a member, you will also receive regular updates on progress via email. The small joining fee of $25 is used toward the hiring of venues for our meetings.

Rectifying a problem is not simply a benefit gained for one operator, it is a benefit gained for all, so your support would be very much appreciated.

While the membership application form asks for your details, your personal information provided will remain strictly private. The form is attached.

I look forward to hearing from those of you who wish to help improve our working relationship with the Department. If you prefer not to receive these emails, please advise us and we will remove your name from our mailing list.


Yours Sincerely

Rhonda Hinds

Secretary Assisted School Travel Contractor Association

Mobile – 0498 044 660

Email –



Association News (August 2012)

The Contractors Association has had recent success stemming from a Meeting in the city last month with DEC representatives. By the second meeting last Thursday with the new ASTP director Phillip Hirst, 2 of the first 14 issues have now been addressed and the contract is currently being amended by David Malcolm.

Members are relieved that our concerns are now thoroughly being looked into and also that the ambiguous and unclear contract clauses are currently being more clearly defined.

If you would like to become an Association Member and receive more detailed information about this through regular updates on all matters concerning operators, email this website and an Application will be sent. Your support of our efforts will be greatly appreciated and your small joining fee of $25 will help toward financing future meeting venues to which you may also want to attend.


Phone: 0498 044 660


Rhonda (Secretary)

Assisted School Travel Contractors Association



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