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Update City DEC Meeting

28th July 2012

Dear Members,

This letter brings wonderful news. Our meeting on Wednesday, held in a boardroom of the DEC building in the city, was very successful having six people from the DEC attending.

Peter Riordan – Director, Schools Department

Deonne Smith – General Manager, Access and Equity

Robyn Bale – Acting Director, Student Welfare

Brian Smyth King – Director, Disability Programs

Garry Browne – R/Director, Shared Services

Phillip Hirst – Acting Assistant Director, Assisted School Travel Program

(Phillip has been working at the unit in Wollongong for the last 5 weeks and is the person we will be dealing with directly while working on these issues.)

Les and I outlined each issue while all those attending took notes and commented on possible ways to have them addressed. Due to the time restriction, each were given a folder containing a detailed description of the issues to read at a later date. (Thank you to those people for your help and contributions with these) It was decided that the more complex issues should be addressed at future meetings to which I have already received an email with a date for this. I do feel confident that our issues have been taken seriously and of their commitment to “…………work closely with the Association going forward so that we can better support your members”.

Phillip Hirst and Robyn Gale offered to attend one of our Association meetings. This would aid them in gaining a better insight and I think this would be a good idea. Members would need to discuss the most appropriate area where this meeting should be held.

I have attached for you to read what was presented to the DEC. If we have left out any points or if there are other issues not mentioned please let me know and we will also submit them. The Category problem will be dealt with in depth at the next meeting to be held in 3 weeks time.

I will continue to update you on any specific outcome, meanwhile, we would need to be patient while each issue is being separately worked through. I really feel pleased and confident that all matters submitted will be sincerely addressed.

Warm Regards



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