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Spy Alert

26th July 2012

Dear Members,

A spy is in our midst. While this probability was (fortunately) pre-empted – hence all names have been removed in all the Modified Minutes – confirmation of this was gained last week. Everything I have sent to you all is now in the hands of not only the Department but also higher up the “ladder”. (Luckily I didn’t “let loose” in my ravings. lol). At first I thought this “KGB” thing was quite amusing. I thought Wow, the lengths some people will go to maybe have a few extra runs thrown their way, or whatever pleasure it must give them. My next thought was despair. This person or persons has shown total disregard for those people who are working hard attempting to achieve a good outcome with which they too would ultimately benefit. Go figure that logic.

To make it even more perplexing, I have just been informed that this correspondence reaches its destination via local MP’s. Now I don’t know much about this kind of stuff, but isn’t an MP there to HELP their constituent? I would think this action has the intent of hindering rather than helping. Food for thought when next visiting your MP.

My third thought was embarrassment. After all, my letters aren’t just going to just any government department; they are going to the EDUCATION Department. Gosh, exposing all my spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes to all these well educated people. Gulp!  I hope they don’t grade my letters. I would get and F.

Bye for Now


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