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St George Meeting Update

22nd June 2012

Dear Members,

We had a very successful meeting last Saturday, despite the dreary weather. There were twenty four people in attendance, including one who defiantly wore his blue and gold colours into the recently defeated St George club. There was much verbal participation from old and new members. Membership forms were also requested to distribute to other contractors. You should have all received a copy of the Minutes but they were sent hurriedly, so let me know if you didn’t get your copy.

Since Saturday, we now have confirmation of the rumoured and contentious issue of the Department yet again changing the contract when ever it suits, paying half day rates for the teachers stop work meeting on the 18th May. It is not the loss of the money so much that it is the fact that nowhere in the contract are “half day rates” mentioned. In prior years, if you worked on a strike day you were paid the minimum daily rate but this year, not even a courtesy letter advising of this new management decision. Left to wonder why my pay didn’t add up, the words of Adrian Picolli resounded in my head, The new rates “firmly establish a minimum 30Km payment for all runs.” Hmm?

Whether you claimed full or half day, the half day is being deducted after confirmation from each school. If your pay was processed on a weekend (whereby confirmation could not be obtained), the policy seems to be – deduct anyway, and hope they don’t notice. With the start of their new stringent mapping system and inconsistency with data input, you need to be a mathematician to work it out. I would recommend requesting a copy of your Calculation sheet (even if your overall pay is higher) this way, you will know in the future what each payment will be based on.

On these sheets you will notice that your route is mapped to 2 decimal points AM and PM, added together, then if under half a Km, well – you lose it. This point to point method does not allow for safe turning, road works and accident detours or driving in and out of schools (some of which are lengthy). Knowing this, they still feel the need to deprive us of one lousy Km. It is about here that the words of Garry Browne are now resounding in my head – “NO, the minister is not trying to take back money from Operators” Hmm?

After voting on a time frame at last weeks meeting to have answers from Garry, and still having no reply to our email, I decided to ring him on Tuesday to arrange another meeting with him. This call, lasting almost an hour left me shocked, drained and depressed and it is too much to write in this letter so I will send another update next week.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards





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