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Member Update 20th June 2012

Assisted School Travel Contractors Association Incorporated

PO Box 101 Narellan NSW 2567

20th June 2012

Dear members,

Saturday’s meeting at St George Leagues Club was very successful with many more new Contractors joining the association. Many issues were discussed and it was decided another meeting with Garry Browne will be made to discuss these issues in the near future.

So far, success has been obtained with our request for the Department Calculation Sheets to accompany invoices each month beginning with the June payments. Finally we can check on all the inaccurate pays we have been receiving.

Also from this month, Garry has agreed that the Department’s mapped route will be sent with every new run and also to those who have a discrepancy. This is good news for those where Department kilometres don’t match those claimed.

Our main achievement is with the full correction and reimbursements now being made to all those contractors who have Tendered in a single category yet have been paid at the lower category amount. There is currently a back log of about 200 Operators but extra staff has been assigned to this so hopefully it won’t take long.

We are still working on the problem of those being underpaid when Tendering in multi Categories and also our ever increasing list of Operator problems.

I will keep you all posted and don’t forget to check out the Website You can join the site at no charge and post in the forums. All association members will also be able to access the private forum whereby the public cannot view.

All the best and don’t forget there is “strength in numbers” so please share the details of the association with those that are not aware of it as they also can benefit.

Kind Regards

Rhonda (Secretary)

0498 044 660

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