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Minutes St George Meeting

Modified Minutes St George Meeting.

The meeting was held at St George Leagues Club Saturday 16th June 2012 and was opened at 2pm.

Committee members present:

Les Ross, Gary Davies, Rhonda Hinds


David Heckenberg and various local and country Members.


A total of 24 in attendance.


The minutes from the last meeting held at Hornsby 28th April 2012 were moved and seconded as true and correct.


Emails to and received from Garry Browne were tabled to be read by members. The response to a question regarding the Association’s Introduction to the ASTU was explained that it had occurred in April and that a follow up letter was received from Dianne Murray nominating Garry Browne as our representative. There was no other correspondence.

General Business:

A new member questioned why it is up to the Contractor to find suitable TSO’s when they are in fact employees of the Department and believed there should be an available list at the Department for them to supply the TSO’S from. This was discussed and agreed that the current procedure causes extra expense for advertising and time plus loss of income if a suitable TSO is not promptly found. It was also asked why an approved Driver does not qualify to be a TSO and of the extensive and always changing paperwork necessary. It was generally accepted that, as with the Driver approvals, the Department may have again misinterpreted the legislation. The committee commented that this issue has already been included on the list to have reviewed at a later date.

A member informed the meeting that it could be possible for Contractors, while working through a Government Department, to receive the reductions to both vehicle purchases and fuel exemption. The consensus was to investigate this possibility. It was then mentioned by another member that if the need to hire a vehicle arises, Thrifty Rentals do give a discount if the purpose for its use is mentioned.

Questions were asked re the kilometers that we should be writing on our claim forms. While it was agreed that it should not make a difference lowering the Klms on the form when there has been a Temporary Absence, members suggested making sure the full kilometers are always written down to help decline the number of times new staff are inputting wrong information causing more follow ups and lengthy delays in reimbursements.

It was also emphatically stated that ALL requests or complaints to the ASTU should be done via email only, due to the volumes of wrong or misleading information and in some cases outright lies coming from the department.

Conversation turned then to the agenda of discussing options since our first few issues have been stalled. Those being the Calculation Sheet, the Maps and the Category Sliding. It was moved and seconded and agreed by all present that a two week time frame is sufficient time for Garry Browne to solve these problems. After this, the proposal was to go straight to the Education Minister. A letter would then be submitted from the Association.

The alternate method of having a “Local MP Day” was pointed out by a member, that it could be seen as too staged and may thwart our attempts. Whereas individual Contractors submitting their own problems with MP’s to send to the Minister would have the greater impact. The majority agreed with his points.

The discussion turned to the entire contract and the need for it to be overhauled with the agreement of contractors so as to fully explain in every aspect. It also must contain “worked examples” so there can be no misunderstanding. A Motion was put forward and seconded that the whole contract should also be sorted to include:

1) Job Security

2) All forms of Payment

3) Mileage Calculations

All for the full term of the Tender Contract

Next Meeting.

It was motioned and seconded that the time and venue for the next meeting should be decided upon, depending on areas of membership numbers, at a later date, and for members to be advised email.

The meeting was closed at 3.35 pm.






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