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Member Update 31st May 2012

31st May 2012

Dear Members,

Well it seems as though we have taken one step backwards in our efforts to correct this Category changing problem. As you know, emails were sent and conversations were had with Garry Browne and a small win was had when Garry acknowledged that operators who had tendered in a single category would now be paid in that category BUT, they would need to ring Gerry at the unit. This now seems to be wrong in a number of ways.

Firstly, a few people have told me that Gerry is not interested in looking into this matter, and in fact, sternly told them it is not up to him. This contradicts what was confirmed by Garry Browne in an email so we will need to get this sorted.

Secondly, after asking if he had looked into the second part of the Category Sliding problem –  multi category tenderers, his answer was somewhat unclear. After a request for clarification his response was surprising. It now appears they are currently only paying people correctly if they are “single category tenders with rolled over runs”. This now appears to mean if you happen to be given a run that was not rolled over run number, then you are to be paid for whatever that run category is whether you had tendered in that category or not. By inference, this would mean that the categories in which we tendered are now meaningless. This list of departmental changes just keeps growing. I am yet to speak with Garry about this strange twist.

In his email, Garry also responded about the Calculation Sheets and Run maps, both of which will be addressed after the May payments have been made. Somewhat promising news I suppose but in the mean time you will have to request them. This will bring the delay for corrections to the February pays up until at least the end of June. That’s a long time to wait for these corrections.

It is frustrating to realize that the ever growing list of issues needing to be addressed has been overshadowed by one that was never anticipated – Category Sliding. Though this method of “give in one hand and take back in the other” should not have come as a surprise, as it’s typical of decades past.


It has been suggested by a few members that it is foolish to believe it was ever intended that contractor issues would be taken seriously and that these commonly used stalling tactics are, as with past years, their way of making us “go away”. Can any group of people ever make a Government Department accountable for their wrong doings? I would be interested in knowing your thoughts on this.

Other News

Another round of 670 emails were sent to all the special needs schools and units yesterday so as to make it easier for them to hand to drivers as they get their forms signed. In the past, our emails were always followed by a letter from the Department ‘suggesting’ that schools do not oblige our request. I feel we have had more success this time as there are indications that at least some managed to find their way to the drivers. If any of you have come by this letter there is no need to point out my spelling mistake in the word principal, I have been duly scolded for my error. I need to be much more careful when emailing schools of all things. LOL.

This letter was to inform Operators of an up and coming “meet and greet” being held this Saturday at the St George Leagues Club. We felt an informal gathering may be a way to explain to potential members a bit about the association before the formal meeting which is to take place in 2 weeks, again at the leagues club. If any members are in the area please come along to say hi or talk with other operators. We can’t be sure if anyone will show up or not but it’s worth a try. It’s a nice club so I think my trip won’t be a wasted effort.

I will be sending out information next week for the formal meeting, to which there will be much to discuss and vote on. We also will need to set up our skype and conference calls for our country members.

The website has had a few Articles added, one being about Public Liability Insurance which may be helpful to some. If anyone else knows of any useful or money saving methods or tit bits please submit them for others to benefit. Meanwhile, if any of you get time to post something in the forums please do as inactivity on this well watched site may indicate to the department that we are all now “happy little chappies”. Anyone having problems joining the site please email and Maddog will guide you through. (Thank you Novocastrian for your little plug for the association in your forum post)

All the Best


PS. If you could, please email me back if you receive this as I am not always sure if my emails get through. Thanks



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