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Introduction To Contractors

Assisted School Travel Contractors Association Incorporated

PO Box 101 Narellan NSW 2567


Thursday 31st May 2012

Dear Assisted School Travel Contractor,

On 5 April 2012 a group of contractors under the Assisted School Travel Program incorporated an association – the Assisted School Travel Contractors Association Incorporated which aims to:

  •  Advance the interests of contractors providing services under the Assisted School Travel Program
  • Represent, protect and speak on behalf of the association’s members
  • Increase awareness of and support for the Assisted School Travel Program and the role played by contractors
  • Facilitate communication between members so as to share ideas and help solve mutual problems
  • Act as a lobby group to governments and press for changes to applicable government legislation or policies which the Association deems beneficial to its members

Those involved in starting the association believe that an organisation ran by contractors for contractors is long overdue. We also believe there has never been a more important time to start an organisation to advocate on behalf of contractors.

One of the first issues we intend to address with the department is the down-classification of runs, where contractors are paid for the number of passengers and not the type of vehicle used. We believe this to be a crucial issue that needs to be bought to the department’s attention.

In order for us to have the greatest impact we need the support of operators like yourself. We ask for you to tell other contractors about the association and ask for you to consider becoming a member. The more members the association has the more powerful it will become. By becoming a member you will be able to influence the direction of the association, be able to stand and vote in elections for the committee and seek representation and support from the association.

Joining the association costs just $25.00 and can be done by filling out the enclosed membership form and returning it to the address or email above. Existing members will become your nominators once in receipt of your signed application. Payment can be made by cheque to above address or Direct Deposit.

Bank Details:        National Australia Bank

BSB – 082 745

A/N – 13 296 9876

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the association please feel free to call me on

0498 044 660. You may also like to visit the website at


Rhonda Hinds

Secretary/Public Officer

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