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Questions To Garry Browne

Calculation Form.

Are the calculation sheets definitely being sent to every operator with every invoice starting from the June Payments?

  • Why are some of these forms not being sent in their entirety?
  • Why are the “Claimed” Klms the same as the “Est. Klms and aren’t showing what was claimed by the operator.
  • Are claimed Klms now not required to be written on the form?
  • What does LO and AW stand for on the Calculation Form?

Why is a half rate deducted when no confirmation can be obtained?


  •  Are maps to be sent with every new run from now?
  • Are maps to be sent on request where there are discrepancies?
  • What procedure is in place to settle Klm discrepancies?
  • What system is now used for mapping?


  •  Why have Operators never been advised of the many changes occurring?
  • Why is an explanation not automatically given when changing the amount claimed by an operator?
  • Why were we not informed of the decision to pay half rates for the strike day?
  • Why is an automatic deduction made when confirmation is unavailable yet no explanation or calculation sheet is sent to operator?
  • Why are operators not receiving communication about delayed pay corrections as far back as February?

Vehicle Categories.

  • Was the payment method of rates based on student numbers rather than vehicle classes in the previous Tender and subsequent contracts?
  • If Not – where in the current Tender and Contract is the reference to this new change and why was it not made clear to potential Tenderers in the preliminary Tender stage.
  • Why are operators’ continual requests for these relevant clauses that are referred to by staff as being in the contract, either ignored or refused to be sent to them by the AST unit?
  • Why is there such a delay with responses to individual cases that staff “referred to management”?
  • If this method was always available to be used in the past –

1)    Why are so many Operators unaware of this?

2)    Why was this method not utilised in previous years?

3)    If in fact it was utilised in previous years, why were category payments not raised when operators transported many more students than their vehicle capacity?

4)    If it was decided to implement the method this year – Who made this decision?

5)    What date was this decision made?

6)    Why was this decision made at such a critical time when operators were already crippled by the excessively low offered rates?

7)    Why were operators not immediately informed of this change to the currently understood procedure?

8)    Why is there so much inconsistency between operators with its implementation.

9)    Why are some operators (with rolled over runs/single category tender) being reimbursed and others are refused?

10) Why were some Operators having few students, initially paid for their correct category while others weren’t?

11) Why are some operators, now allowed to be paid a higher category while others aren’t?

12) Why are operators (with rolled over runs/single category tender) being reimbursed if they contact the Department and not those who don’t? (Some would not know a reimbursement is available because earlier requests for corrections were flatly refused)

13) Why are some operators (with rolled over runs/single category tender) being reimbursed after contacting the department and others are flatly refused?

14) Why are those who go to their local MP’s and the Minister’s office, promptly have their category corrected and are reimbursed back pay?

15) Why are operators (with rolled over runs/multi category tender) disallowed reimbursement? (Operators were not informed their rolled over run had been changed to a lower Run category)

16) Why are some Runs categorized at a lower “run category” while others, having the same amount of students attached and with a similar student history are allowed to remain at a higher “run category”?

Clarification on Category Sliding.

  • Given the unclear Tender guidelines, is there now an obligation for operators to maintain multiple vehicles for each category so as to be compatible with this operational system?
  • If there is no obligation for multiple vehicle ownership, what is the time frame allowed for purchasing arrangements when Run Categories change with varying student numbers.
  • When a “Vehicle Category” changes in line with the “Run Category”, are rates to be paid at two or three different “run” categories throughout a pay month?
  • Will notification be provided to the Operator with each change in “Run Category”?
  • Will the Operator be given timely notification if unable/unwilling to accept the new category?
  • If an Operator has no choice but to surrender their run due to the Category change and a replacement run cannot be offered will there be a 28 day reimbursement?
  • Now that the Tendered Categories have been abandoned can a contractor now also be “offered” a run in larger category than originally tendered?

Half Day Rates.

  •  Where in the contract does it advise that half payments can be made at the discretion of the department?
  • Where in the contract does it advise that payments may result in a payment being less than the 30klm daily minimum?
  • What other areas are Half day rates now likely to apply?

Strike Days.

  •  It is gazetted as a mandated school day.
  • Operators are expected to transport students who are attending school.
  • It is the choice of the parents to either send their children or to keep them home.
  • Having a choice implies students may attend school.
  • If students may attend school then it is a school day.
  • Reasons other than the strike may have prevented students from attending.
  • We were not requested to obtain letters from parents for reason of absences.
  • Students absent on any other mandated school day is considered “Temporary”.
  • Since “Temporary Absences” are paid for, half rates do not apply.
  • Before processing claims, the Department sought confirmation from schools about AM absenteeism. Therefore the Department itself knew that students potentially attended, thus acknowledging it was a bona-fide school day.
  • In ignoring Operators expectation of payment for Temporary Absences, the ASTU displayed a complete lack of courtesy by not advising that in this case, they had ‘chosen’ to ignore the “temporary absence” clause. By deducting payments without correspondence leaves most Operators unaware that they have yet again been slighted and without the long awaited Calculation Sheet they have no way of checking.


  •  Why are total klm’s taken down rather then up since the driving was actually performed?
  • Why is there absolutely no allowance for turning vehicle’s, safe turning options, school driveways, unexpected detours or obstructions etc?
  • Why are Operators treated as liars by not accepting their claimed kilometres?
  • Why is no notification given if kilometre acceptance is denied?
  • Why is the furthest child from the school accepted only if it creates fewer klms for the department but closer students are mapped first if it benefits the department?
  • Why is time and safety not a factor in route variations?
  • Why are Operators penalised if their route differs from the department route yet the Department route was not forthcoming?


  • What clause in the contract allows the department to change the clauses in the contract?


Older Questions Sent

Points (some not yet addressed)

Calculation Sheets

  • Why are our claims NOT written on Calc sheet at all???
  • What is the problem in sending automatically? Is there something to hide?
  • Why are absences assumed to be incorrect if weekend and can’t confirm.
  • At what point does the furthest from the school kick in? Eg from 4th kid or 5th kid
  • Maps
  • Categories

Mapping System – No allowance for

  • Safe Turning
  • Residence Street Side
  • Unsafe Route
  • School Entry
  • Detours for Road Works/Car Accidents/Road Closures
  • Incorrect Addresses


  • Inconsistency with Routes
  • Routes collecting closer students earlier
  • Distance over Time
  • Department Route not provided


  • Claim Forms Underpaid
  • No Explanation for underpayments
  • Lack of Information on Reciprocated Tax Invoice
  • Inconsistent Temporary Absence Payments
  • Inconsistent Reimbursements
  • Inconsistency with Rates
  • Subtracting accurate mapped kilometres


  • Lack of instruction with changes
  • Email inquiries not attended to
  • Differing information from staff
  • Explanations vague and inconsistent
  • Refusing to provide explanation
  • Refusing to provide requested information

Driver /TSO Approvals

  • System problems in retaining information
  • Unnecessary Re approvals
  • Misunderstanding Legislation causing Loss of Runs


  • Ambiguous Clauses
  • Non Transparent Clauses
  • Reinterpretation of Clauses
  • Introduction  of New Procedures
  • No communication on New Procedures
  • No Consultation before Procedure Changes
  • No Instruction with New Procedure Changes


  • Financial savings preferable to safety


  • Disproportionate distribution with allocations
  • Operators “overlooked” with allocations



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