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Minutes Hornsby Meeting

Modified Minutes Hornsby Meeting 28th April 2012

The meeting, held at the Hornsby RSL Club, was opened at 1.15pm and was chaired by Les Ross. Those in attendance were President Les Ross, Vice President David Heckenberg, Secretary Rhonda Hinds, Treasurer Gary Davies, plus 12 members and 8 visitors. A Total of 24 in attendance. Minutes were taken by David Heckenberg.


Minutes from the last meeting were read by Rhonda Hinds and moved and seconded as correct.

Treasurer’s Report

It was agreed that this be submitted at the next meeting due to the new memberships on the day needing to be added.


It was suggested by a visitor that there be levels of membership to allow for drivers and TSO’s. This was addressed by 2 operators as not being in the best interests of the association due to employer/employee relationships. Moved by Rhonda Hinds and seconded by David Heckenberg, it was unanimous by members to stay with the original decision to allow only contractors as members.

Discussions were had about the new payment method of being paid by student numbers, and with this, the fluctuating category changes. Rhonda Hinds relayed in detail a phone conversation she had the previous day with a staff member at the ASTU on this subject. The reason he gave for this method were because we are now paid for temporary absences and the inference was money needs to be taken back in other ways. Implications from this call, was when he implied that there were soon to be even more changes to pay methods when the new rates begin in May. The staff member also advised that staff at ASTU had been informed by letter that all contractors had now been informed themselves via a letter telling them of this change in the payment method. He said this letter had been sent out earlier this year and that it had been sent from the Tender Board.

Rhonda Hinds then rang the Tender Board and spoke with Isobel who informed her that no such correspondence was ever sent by them regarding this matter and was surprised to hear of this method of payment. Isobel encouraged as much input as possible from any contractor to be emailed to those working on the business rules. Rhonda Hinds submitted to the association detailed transcripts of these conversations.


The association received a letter on Friday from Dianne Murray R/Director General Finance and Infrastructure, and was read by Rhonda Hinds. Ms Murray acknowledged the association and our request for a nominated representative with which to raise any concerns by nominating Mr Garry Browne R/Director General Shared Services for that role.

It was decided that our concerns should now be sent to Mr Browne instead of the intended letter to the Education Minister.

General Business

The meeting was suspended at 1.45 while discussions took place regarding the current issues. It re opened again at 2.55 pm where it was agreed that the proposed additions to the Constitution allowing for membership of organizations be allowed.

It was also agreed that submissions from members also accompany any correspondence to Mr Browne.

The immediate concerns and requests to raise with him are:

~ Request that the ASTU calculation sheet be sent to all contractors with their invoices each   month.

~ Request a copy of each mapped run be sent with each run card.

~ Request that signatures on claim forms revert to a single signature unless on some days there was a change in driver.

~ Request that the displaying of license rule be replaced and instead suggest a Department Driver Card be issued to all approved drivers containing their approval number.

The biggest concern to most members is the recent decision to lower the category of vehicles with the fluctuating student demand. It was agreed this requires a lengthy examination by Mr Browne and that examples should be submitted to him to explain how disruptive this unexpected change impacts contractors and in turn the negative effect it will create with continual disruptions to runs and the students.

The above are to be submitted to Mr Browne in a letter.

It was also discussed that we soon address the problem of the ASTU computer system which fails to retain approved drivers and TSO’S. This occurs after either a 3 month period or when more than 3 drivers are attached to a single run.

The issue of the 3 year Engineer certificate is to be investigated. If it is not an RTA requirement, request that this rule be changed to alleviate unnecessary expenses.

It was agreed to decide on the venue of the next meeting once it was established which areas had the greater number of members to attending.

Other issues were postponed for discussion due to time factors at this meeting.

The meeting was closed at 3.15pm






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