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Introduction To ASTU

Assisted School Travel Contractors Association Incorporated

PO Box 101 Narellan NSW 2567


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Dear Catherine Naismith and the ASTU,

I am writing to introduce the department to the Assisted School Travel Contractors Association Incorporated. For some time a number of operators under the Assisted School Travel Program have called for an association to represent them and allow them to connect with other operators. We aim to:

  • · Advance the interests of contractors providing services under the Assisted School Travel Program;
  • · Represent, protect and speak on behalf of the association’s members
  • · Increase awareness of and support for the Assisted School Travel Program and the role played by contractors;
  • · Facilitate communication between members so as to share ideas and help solve mutual problems;
  • · Act as a lobby group to governments and press for changes to applicable government legislation or policies which the Association deems beneficial to its members.

At our initial meeting on 31 March 2012, a group of contractors agreed to incorporate as an association and elected the first committee of the association consisting of:

  •  President: Les Ross
  • Vice President and Assistant Secretary: David Heckenberg
  • Secretary and Public Officer: Rhonda Hinds
  • Treasurer: Gary Davies

We believe that it is important to develop a close working relationship with the department in order to best serve our members. We want to assist the department understand the unique needs of contractors and to co-operate on future changes to the Assisted School Travel Program.

In order to facilitate communication between the association and department we ask for the department to nominate a representative with whom we can directly raise issues if and when they occur.

We look forward to working with the department to improve services for students, contractors and the department.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the association, please feel free to contact me on 0498 044 660.


Rhonda Hinds

Secretary/Public Officer

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