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Minutes Rooty Hill Meeting

                                                                                           Minutes of Inaugural meeting


(The below minutes are a modified version with only names removed of those in attendance for privacy reasons while the association is in its infancy)

The formation meeting took place at Rooty Hill RSL Club on Saturday 31st March, beginning at 1pm. Sixteen people were in attendance. (Names on Registrar)

Names were nominated and seconded by attendees to select the Interim Committee and agreed upon by all in attendance. Those being:

President – LES ROSS


Secretary – RHONDA HINDS

Treasurer – GARY DAVIES

Assistant Secretary – DAVID HECKENBERG

Public Officer – RHONDA HINDS

It was agreed that the Public Officer purchase a Post Office Box for the legal address of the association. All in attendance contributed $2 each for a total of $26 given to Rhonda Hinds for this purchase.

It was agreed by all in attendance that the name should be ASSISTED SCHOOL TRAVEL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION

It was agreed that members should consist only of contractors with the ASTP to avoid potential conflicts with employer/employee situations.

It was agreed that it is in the best interest of the association to allow Contractor employees and Department employees (Drivers and TSO’s) to approach for assistance, members of this association.

It’s was agreed that there should be an initial membership joining fee to the sum of $25, with options for an annual fee be discussed once costing is performed by the Public Officer for Name Registration, Incorporation fees, plus incidentals have been established.

It was agreed that a bank account be opened with the NAB and have as the signatories, the Vice President David Heckenberg and the Secretary Rhonda Hinds.

It was agreed to acquire an email address by utilizing the already established website The official email address will be ASC@ASSISTEDTRAVEL.INFO

It’s was agreed that this website should have an area for Association members requiring password entry, which will contain posts on updates for all association members.

It was agreed that all attendance will encourage other contractors to join the association and explain their anonymity from the ASTP.

It was agreed that the Association Agenda be advised once issues have been gathered and sorted into a priority.

It was agreed that the association will support equally issues that affect the majority and those that affect a single member.

It was agreed that all locality representatives hold small meetings with local operators, to discuss issues they would like attended to at the next association meeting.

It was agreed that future meetings between representatives from each locality meet at venues on a rotating basis to be decided at the end of each meeting,  and to allow at these meetings, Skype and Conference calls for un attending members.

It was agreed that email voting be allowed for country area members.

It was agreed that upon incorporation of the association, the ASTU be advised and request that a representative from this unit be available to the association to discuss our concerns with. Also at this time, membership application forms will be emailed to all available contractor email addresses.

It was agreed that the next Association meeting be held on the 28th April 2012 at the Ibis Hotel, Thornleigh. Time TBA

The meeting was closed at 3.15pm






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