Two Halves Don’t Make a Right.

Last month, at the discretion of the Department, a newly conceived and implemented contract change was introduced. (Nothing unusual in that) Half Day Rates just “materialized” from nowhere, without consultation or even notification. The problem with these “half ” payments is that not only does it contravene the guaranteed 30km minimum, but also the method of payments at Tab B.

Cover Letter Tab B new rates – “the new rate tables operate in the same way as the January 2012 table…”

Tab B old rates – the schedule of rates reflects daily payments for transport services (runs), based on the loaded Kilometres traveled for both morning and afternoon journeys combined”.

Since they are not allowing us the morning as a Temporary absence, the morning Km’s can only be – NIL. But we did drive in the afternoon, therefore NIL plus X Km’s can only equal X. (Fairly basic mathematics) So, why weren’t we paid X?

Instead, we were paid the amount due had we driven both AM and PM, then had that amount halved. Yet the total Km’s driven for the day was only the PM so we should have simply been paid for the PM Km’s.

Eg. 80Km People Mover Run (40 plus 40) Rate = $279.51 for the day, paid at half this rate = $139.75 In actuality, the PM was the total driven for the day which was 40Km. The rate for 40 Km’s = $185.71 This is a difference of $45.96 underpaid. Many operators do considerably more Km’s in the afternoon than the morning so this method will dramatically reduce their true entitlement.

Either the AM should be considered a Temporary Absence attracting a full day rate or, the AM is NIL and they should pay the actual Km’s driven for the day – the PM.

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