Letter To Fred

Fred Borg – Councillor
Campbelltown City Council

Dear Fred,

It was rainy and dreary the day we met, yet your arrival brought a happy smile and much hope. After only one phone call you kindly gave your time to come to my home. You allowed me to talk volumes about my problem while you simply sat and listened. I had never met a person who actually listened as intently before and more importantly HEARD. I can’t describe how relieved and comfortable this made me feel.

After explaining my dilemma, your acute intellect and years of business experience instantly recognized things were not right and your obliging and charitable nature immediately actioned a strategy.

With your unique and respected stature in our community you unhesitatingly engaged the support of local media and MP’s to assure that my correspondence was received by the correct person. I was extremely grateful as we parted company that day. Strangers at the start but friends by the end. Your support continues via emails and phone calls and your experience and insightful outlook are always inspiring.

Your recommendation and invaluable assistance in forming an association which is rapidly gaining momentum, now sees your efforts helping many. I am sharing this letter with them so they also know of the person who’s selfless efforts instigated it’s formation. It is reassuring to know that we have your continued support, and for me, comforting to know you are but a phone call away.

I would like to offer my assistance in this election year so that in some small way I can repay you. You are too valuable to the Campbelltown Community not to have you as a councillor, and I would implore that others should feel the same.

Thank you Fred.


If anyone would like to help with Fred’s re-election, handing out the “how to vote” leaflets on the 8th September 2012 would be really appreciated by Fred and his “Totally Locally Committed” team. Please email this site and I will forward you the information.

“Rector Sapere” – To know and relish what is right and just.

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