Public Liability Insurance – Are you paying more than necessary?

After some conversations recently with newly met operators, particularly those having been operating since before the first tender, it was a surprise to learn how much Public Liability Insurance they have been paying. Mostly 3 or 4 times the amount that I and many others pay.

Public Liability is mandatory for all contractors, so this huge discrepancy in the amounts paid was a shock. I had always assumed we all paid the same, and all through the same place. Ignorantly, I truly believed this arrangement was compulsory and initiated through the Department. I now realize that when I first began, perhaps it may have only been a suggestion from them.

Of course a lot makes sense to me now, remembering that this was a hot topic at the pre tender meetings with many operators wanting to use the cover that comes with their car insurance. I now realize the extent of that expense they were complaining about. It was agreed by the procurement officer that suitable Public Liability attached to vehicle insurance would suffice but whether this is still the case I am not sure, for many, it may be worth finding out.

I personally prefer to have the cover specific to the job and would suggest a comparison with your current insurance premiums be made with the P and C Public Liability. My annual payment of $400 compared to others paying $1600 for the same cover would be a huge saving each year. Currently they charge $200 for the first run and $100 for each additional run. Of course I would advise you to carefully look into it to decide if the cover they offer is the right one for you. Their standard renewal date is the 1st August each year so you have some time to decide.

Their number is 1300 885 982

PS. This is not a paid advertisement, we are just trying to help those who are unaware of this cover.

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