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The purpose for this site is to have a general meeting place for drivers and contractors to discuss aspects of their jobs of driving children for the Assisted School Travel Program (ASTP). It is being developed by a group of independent contractors who hope you will find it interesting, informative and useful, and perhaps a bit of fun.

The development of this site is still in its infancy so, while we continue with its improvement, we ask for your patience as it evolves to become fully functional. We would appreciate any help or advice or suggestions for its improvement.


ADDENDUM (yes, another one, excuse the pun) Since the implementation of this site, a number of changes have occurred, not the least being the travesty of the tender process, and ultimately, the indignant "slap in the face" to all the longstanding and loyal contractors. Because of this, the site developers realize that the forums may now be used as a place to vent. While understandable, we just ask that posters respect others by refraining from the use on unacceptable language.

The idea for a drivers newsletter had been bantered around for many years. Often, many questions asked between drivers have differing answers, therefore, we thought a common place where we can share our information and discuss aspects of our jobs would be beneficial. A plan was then devised a for private internet site. Attempts were made to have it up and running last year while we all laboured through the tender process, but alas, time escaped us - until now.

The purpose is to have a general place where drivers and contractors can go to ask questions or view those posted by others, and maybe, with a bit of luck, some answers given from an advisor from the department. We also plan to have other informative content to read, and want this site to be a place to come and simply chat or discuss any aspect of their job.

Currently our content is minimal but hope soon to increase this by adding articles of interest, department requirements and changes, downloadable forms, RTA updates, Tax information, lighthearted or heartwarming stories, and perhaps the odd bit of trivia. Your articles, stories and suggestions will be very much appreciated so feel free to submit as often as you would like.

Non members can freely explore the full site and its content including reading all posts in the forums. To respond to any posts or to start your own thread you are required to become a member by supplying your email address. This address is only visible to the forum moderator and is for security purposes only. By using any User name you choose, you will be completely anonymous.

We have been asked if there will be a separate section on this site where contractors for the ASTP can discuss or ask questions regarding pay awards or other business matters in private. We feel this is a fair request, so, while not intending to be disrespectful to valued employees and sub contractors, this Forum will only be available to contractors supplying their Department Vendor number and phone number for verification purposes

By becoming a member you will retain absolute anonymity as only the moderators of the forums has access to member information. This information, which is necessary to join, is requested so as to screen out the thousands of spammers that infiltrate sites for their own agendas.

7) CHAT ROOMS (Forums and Blog)
We have divided the forums into some titles to separate the lighthearted chats to those that are serious discussions. Please feel free to join in as many threads as you wish. We ask that members refrain from the use of unacceptable language.

The moderator "mad dog" will oversee all the forum posts and remove any unauthorized spammers or distasteful posts at his discretion. You can ask him any questions or report to him any problems with posts.

his is a non profit making site, though we will allow a few advertisements to help contribute toward our expenses.

Information on this website is published as a service to drivers and contractors who work for the Assisted School Travel Program in NSW only, and is NOT for general public use. If you are not a driver or a contractor with the A.S.T.P. then you should not be using this website.The information contained on the pages within the assistedtravel.info site should not be considered to be legal advice and the content available on this site is intended for informational purposes only. The opinions expressed in this site are not necessarily those of the site owners, and the User acknowledges the originality of any submission communicated to assistedtravel.info and accepts responsibility for its accuracy, appropriateness, and legality. For the full list of the terms and conditions for assistedtravel.info please read "Terms of Use" below.



​ We believe all Drivers, Contractors and Escorts will benefit from this community meeting place. We hope that "togetherness" will bring about some answers to those uncertainties about our runs that are often present. From the complexity of deciphering a contract to a potential traffic hazard on your route. From the differing answers from the department to that of the inadequate parking areas of your school. From the problems with some of the parents to the behavior of some of the students. With the help of the combined experience of others, you may find the answers to either the insignificant or the quite complex questions or concerns you may have.


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